AIQrArt - Artificial Intelligence

- AI-Generated Art - Create one-of-a-kind QR art using advanced AI models - Art Enhancement - Enhance basic QR codes into visually stunning art pieces - Effortless Integration - Seamlessly integrate QR art across your brand assets 1. Dynamic QR Canvas Generate customizable black & white QR codes or upload your own image as the base. Rise above the mundane with artistic QR codes tailored to your brand. 2. Artistic QR Customizer Unleash your creativity with the freedom to customize your QR art. Select AI models, input prompts, adjust creativity levels, and make each QR code yours. 3. QR Art Editor Edit generated QR art across your brand touchpoints for consistent and creative expression. Maintain brand fluidity. 4. Industry Templates Choose from diverse, industry-specific templates to effortlessly create tailored QR art. Cater to your audience. 5. Brand Logo Inclusion Incorporate your logo into the QR art to stand out. Strengthen brand recognition and recall. 6. Powerful Analytics Gain data-driven insights directly from your QR codes. Track scans, understand user behavior, and make informed decisions.

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Listed On : Sep 22 2023

Category : AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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