Collabwriting - All your online research in one place

Collabwriting consists of:

- a browser extension that enables creating topics, highlights and notes on any webpage online

- a Dashboard that syncs all of this data and makes it searchable and easily accessible.


What makes this tool stand out from just a standard web highlighter is:

1. the data is automatically synced to your account and accessible from any device (even mobile)

2. you can share the data you found with anyone - no need for them to have the extension

3. it allows for realtime collaboration on all notes and highlights (the Dashboard even has in-app notifications)

4. you can asigne different levels of permission for each (registered) user and each topic you share


The personal version is free (with an available upgrade) and the team version is in closed beta (you can contact the team to learn more).


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Resource Information

Listed By : Sandra Idjoski

Listed On : Jan 31 2023

Category : Productivity

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