CrawlScout - Get your sites indexed on Google, fast

CrawlScout checks your sitemaps multiple times per day and submits any non-indexed pages to search engines right away. This means that your pages typically get indexed in less than 24h, instead of days or weeks (if ever).

? Index up to 1000 pages per day

? Auto-indexing of non-indexed pages

? Submits pages to Google as well as Bing (and DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!), Yandex, Seznam and Naver

? Search analytics + indexing stats in a single dashboard + weekly e-mail reports

? No limits on pages per site

⏱️ Sitemap checks multiple times per day

⚠️ Identify de-indexed and uncrawlable pages

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Listed By : Janis Graventon

Listed On : Mar 04 2024

Category : Developer Tools

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