Essembi - The Software Innovation Hub

Essembi is the software innovation hub that helps you build better software, faster. 


One system, with all of the features, at a fraction of the cost. Essembi's highly customizable single-system software innovation solution eliminates the hidden "complexity tax" associated with traditional disparate setups. No more wrangling double entry with disagreeing data sets. No more building and maintaining APIs and system-specific infrastructure. With all teams on one customizable solution, the barriers to innovation and market domination rapidly deteriorate. 


Essembi features out of the box solutions for agile workflows, sprint planning, retrospectives, product roadmapping, release planning, customer issue tracking, multiple sources of ideas, go-to market planning, sales enablement, and more.


Need additional versatility? Essembi is easily customizable with tools for creating new workflows, tables, fields, data models, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, reports, data entry forms and API integrations. For instance, the Essembi team uses customizations in Essembi to track non-standard data and procedures for our marketing team: digital ad spend and relationship management with publications.

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Listed By : Sheridan Bulger

Listed On : Mar 04 2024

Category : Productivity

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