EyeYoga - Visual acuity and improvement

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer monitor can cause dry eyes, eyestrain, and other discomforts. Thanks to EyeYoga, you can easily incorporate healthy eye exercises into your work routine. Eye exercises help improve blood circulation in the eyes, relax muscles, and prevent fatigue.

Make eye exercises part of your work routine

You can choose from a variety of exercises, eye massages, and complex exercises that improve visual flexibility and focus stability. Even short breaks to perform these exercises can have a positive impact on your visual health and concentration

Eye exercises: EyeYoga contains a set of effective eye exercises to help relax muscles, improve circulation, and maintain visual focus.

Eye massage: The app includes massage exercises to help relax eye muscles and improve visual comfort.

Complex exercises: EyeYoga offers a range of vision exercises that help improve flexibility and eye strength.

Track your progress and statistics

EyeYoga also provides you with the ability to keep statistics and track your progress with your eye exercises. You can see statistics and track your progress.

Reminders for Eye Breaks

The app also provides reminders to take eye breaks. It helps you remember to take a break from the screen to avoid eye fatigue and strain.

EyeYoga is a mobile app that helps you maintain your visual health and increase productivity. It was created especially for you who work for many hours in front of a computer monitor

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