Jupitrr AI Video Maker - Video Editing Software, SAAS

 Jupitrr is an AI video maker that automatically generates B-rolls for creators' videos, e.g stock footage (coming soon: charts, memes and many more) - all in just a few clicks! ⚡️ What problem are we solving? Videos have been an increasingly crucial medium for creators, e.g coaches, founders, YouTubers and course creators for lead generation and personal brand building. Despite this, video editing has been a massive waste of their time and energy as it’s neither something they are good at nor interested in. Consequently, complicated video editing disrupts consistent content creation. ? Jupitrr’s solution Jupitrr is all about saving creators’ previous time and freeing their stress in video-making. Generating B-rolls for creators is our current focus. 1. Upload a video (typically one you talk in front of the camera) 2. Jupitrr will generate the transcript with AI 3. Highlight any part of the transcript, click ‘generate visuals’ to automatically turn them into relevant B-roll (stock videos) in any language, for any platform.

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Listed By : Sparsh Online

Listed On : Sep 22 2023

Category : AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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