Kahana - Like Google Drive & Patreon had a baby

Kahana is a collaborative platform that caters to creators, experts, coaches, and businesses seeking to monetize their knowledge assets while fostering collaboration and community engagement. It offers an all-in-one solution for sharing insights, methodologies, and best practices, while generating recurring revenue in the process.

Users can create hubs on Kahana, where they can upload and curate their content and knowledge, such as information, notes, methodologies, templates, and more. These hubs serve as centralized repositories for collaboration and sharing of information. Users can invite and manage unlimited collaborators through role-based permissions and controls.

Kahana's flexible monetization options allow users to set prices for each individual hub and establish paywalls, enabling them to generate recurring revenue. The platform integrates with Stripe for secure payment processing and automated payouts.

Kahana offers various plans to meet different user needs. The basic Creator Plan (free) does not require payment or credit card information and allows users to create and monetize up to 2 hubs. The Expert Plan ($9.99 per month) allows users to create and monetize unlimited hubs. The Team Collaboration Plan provides features to manage contributors and hubs, such as the ability to manage and re-assign seats for team members. Additionally, an Enterprise Plan is available for larger organizations, offering custom solutions, white-glove support, and additional features.

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Listed By : Adam Kershner

Listed On : Jul 13 2023

Category : Productivity

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