Lindie - Share your Linear projects with clients

Lindie allows you to share your Linear projects. Generate private read only links to keep clients updated, and triage requests. Perfect for agencies and large teams.

Lindie started as an internal tool for our no-code product agency

While we love Linear, manually updating Notion boards and spreadsheets felt like a step backwards 😐 After seeing more people experience the same problem, we decided to make the platform available to others.

To get started, simply login to, connect to Linear and select which project you'd like to create a view only link for. Once enabled, we'll automatically sync the issues for that project, and update them with any changes in real time. Your view only users can also submit an issue for the project (which defaults to the first status). Once sharing is no longer required, you can disable a project from this page which will revoke the link and stop syncing issues.

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Listed By : Stuart Riddle

Listed On : Dec 14 2022

Category : Developer Tools

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