Mason - The AI Shopping Copilot for Brands

Mason is the AI Shopping Copilot for brands & retailers that helps you sell more through personalized customer journeys and omnichannel playbooks tailored to drive higher revenue.

Its AI enables faster go-lives and a data-first approach to reduce browse abandonment, capture zero-party data, and increase conversions — all in one place. Think of--

1) Revenue OS to drive conversions: Build 1-to-1 AI conversion journeys, from smart cross-sells & upsells tailored to each visitor’s preferences - to lightning deals that are optimally timed for maximum sales impact.

2) Engagement OS to glue visitors: Engage users at the right time and capture zero party data with shoppable AI quizzes, welcome incentives and more.

3) Store OS to reduce effort: Create automations that keep a real-time check on product prices, inventory levels, bestsellers, etc. to boost add-to-cart rates and drive faster purchases.

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Listed By : Riya Handique

Listed On : Sep 12 2023

Category : AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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