One Tab Group - Your all-in-one tab/tab group manager

One Tab Group is a chromium-based extension that allows you to manage your tabs & tab groups in one place. One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session.


✨ Features

- ⚡️ Organise tabs & tab groups efficiently
- 🗂️ Save/Restore/Reorganise tabs, even tab groups
  - in the current window
  - in a new window
  - restore and suspend tabs to save memory
- 🔄 Synchronizes your browser tabs & tab groups
- 🤏 Reorganize tab sessions use Drag & Drop with ease
- ⌨️ Command `K` Interface - easily explore the opened tabs & tab groups.
- 🏷️ Visual Web Bookmark - Turn a link into a visual web bookmark with a beautiful QRCode, that you can share with others.

- 🔲 Single Column View | Double Columns View | Timeline View
- 🌛 Dark Mode Support
- 🌍 i18n Support

- 💾 Session Backup Solution
  - 📑 Save your session as a JSON file
  - 📧 Send your session to your email (Sign-in)

- 📥 Support migrating solution
  - 🔖 Support for migrating tabs data from `OneTab` to `One Tab Group`
  - 🔖 Support for migrating tabs data from `SessionBuddy` to `One Tab Group`

- 🔍 Search all tabs quickly using fuzzy search
- 🧹 Suspend opened tabs to save memory
- ☁️ Cloud sync with Sign in
- ❤️ Bookmark your favorite sessions
- ✨ Share Sessions as a link with anyone

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Listed By : Yunwei Xiao

Listed On : Dec 21 2022

Category : Productivity

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