PaceKB Knowledge Base Software - Improve your customer support

PaceKB revolutionizes the way your customers access information, ensuring they find what they need swiftly and independently. Our platform transforms your FAQs into comprehensible, accessible articles, enabling self-service and relieving your customer service team from repetitive inquiries.

Statistics reveal that over 63% of US customers prefer self-service over reaching out to support teams. This preference is why numerous businesses are turning to PaceKB. Our service enhances customer satisfaction, empowers your customer service representatives by reducing their workload, and boosts your team's overall productivity.

We pride ourselves on offering a suite of tools, including advanced AI, to automate and simplify the creation of your knowledge base. Starting your journey with PaceKB is hassle-free, and with our competitive pricing plans, scaling up is both easy and cost-effective. Try PaceKB for free today and experience the difference it makes.

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Listed By : Ben Jenkins

Listed On : Jan 15 2024

Category : AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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