Percept Pixel - Image CDN + Transformation + BG Cleaner

You know your customers are not going to hang around if your website or app takes more than a second to load. You also know that suboptimal images contribute majorly to the page load times. But did you know that you could optimise all of those images in upload it to a CDN in one click?


Percept Pixel is an Image CDN with automatic optimization, real-time transformation, and storage that you can integrate with existing setup in minutes.It has presence in 190 locations across the world and is a hybrid of own network and also partners with some other cloud providers in some regions.

It supports Image transformation capabilities like auto scaling, conversion to jpeg, png, webp.

It also has support for image background clean up, monochrome , image rotation, caption generation, background replacement.

It has a SLA of 99.99% and presence across 14 geographies. In India specifically it would be the fastest CDN in the market due to a smart routing algorithm and high density presence.

It has a one click UI which makes it easy for anyone without any technical knowledge to start using from word go.

Note: Caption generation and background replacement are part of the enterprise version and do not come with the free or hobbyist tiers.

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Listed By : Kaushik Mukherjee

Listed On : Jan 12 2024

Category : Productivity

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