Scramble Cloud - End-to-End encrypted Cloud Storage

Scramble is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage based in Germany focused on data protection and security.

With Scramble we provide a Cloud Storage made for you, not to monetize your data.
We never have the possibility to see your uploaded files.

Some facts:

- You can upload files, images and videos without register.
->Maximum Filesize for unregistered users is 2GB / registered 10GB

- You can easily create an account without any personal- or payment informations are required.

- After registration, you will currently receive a personal drive with 100GB of free storage (limited).
-> Your files will be compressed during upload, so you will save disk space.

- You can add friends and share files to them directly in the cloud.
-> You can also create a private link to share your files.

- You can create groups with friends, colleagues or something with an extra drive for all members.
-> You can administrate all group members and give them specific roles.

- You can easily share your videos through our end-to-end encrypted video streaming.

- ... and more.

At the moment Scramble is in the Beta and we try to receive feedback and ideas from you to improve the whole project.
Let me know what you think.

We appreciate every form of feedback.

Thank you all. :)

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Listed By : Thorben

Listed On : Sep 07 2023

Category : Cloud Storage

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