Soft Cleaner - Automatically Speed up Computer Systems

Soft Cleaner automatic virtual acceleration is always guaranteed on your computer, much like on a smartphone, with extremely low CPU power consumption and excellent performance. It does this by automatically setting your machine to run at its fastest speed just before it starts to slow down.

Soft Cleaner, protects clients against all of these problems by placing them on the next priority. It offers capabilities that automatically speed up computer performance and safeguard the system. It is free, safe, and simple to use. Additional utilities included in this software can all be used with a single click. Additionally, this package includes a few other stand-alone tools, including TURBO, sophisticated file and web search engines, and more. Computer networks, personal computers, and businesses can all benefit from the software.

Before optimization: Exit every other opened programs first, including browsers, folders, word, video files, notepad, photo editors, s/w development editors, movie maker or screen recording programs.
Mandatory: Right click Soft Cleaner select 'Run as administrator'. Try not to do anything on your computer while optimization. This works only in the computer hard drive. Do not run this software from any other external hard drives or pen drives.

Below are listed a few of the features.
Game Booster, Virus Cleaner, and Default System Optimization.
Once it's been finished using "Virus Cleaner - Game Booster," the automatic memory optimizer will activate.

Integrated attributes.
Motherboard, OS, Processors, BIOS, and Disk Health Status (The color of the broadcast health status display turns "red" even when there are associated hardware, OS, or BIOS problems.

Automatically speed up your internet browsers. Clean internet traces, history, cookies, typed history: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave Browser, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Vivaldi, Opera, UC Browser, Safari, Chromium.

It can work with a computer very easily, even if it is compatible with home, client, or server computers. So can run games, browse the Internet, and use high memory and CPU use programs, editors, software development, Visual Studio,.NET, Android Studio, emulators, and IDEs.

Advanced search engine for files and the web.
Web Search.
With combined search engines, it's possible to easily and differently advance the query while accurately exploring the Web (Bing, Google). Instead of slow, standard search results, it has semantic features.

Advanced Search Engine for Files.
Using up to ten distinct keywords, this file search engine is accurate and sophisticated. At least some of the keywords correspond to the actual file names.

Very Advanced Search Engine.
This feature includes the user's optional keywords either with or without them. In the event that someone forgets the actual file names, they can still access those files by fulfilling specific requirements.

Requirement recommended 64 bit Windows operating system: Windows 11/10/8/Server, 32/64 bit or Windows 7 Ultimate 64 SP1-IE11(updated and .NET).

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